[kim.hfg] Squatting the internet: open call for artists

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Wed Aug 7 06:23:36 PDT 2019

Dear All

This year basel.codes <https://basel.codes/> will participate at “The 
Wrong digital Art Biennale” (https://thewrong.org/) as an embassy, this 
entails that we will provide a digital and physical space for an 
exhibition during the event. The topic of our embassy will be “Squatting 
the Internet”, a short text about it of it can be read here 
https://squatted.online/. In short we are making a call for artists and 
we want them to think of a website as an architectural and institutional 
infrastructure and give them the possibility to digitally “squat” it. 
What we expect is artist to collaborate (or fight) to change the 
internal and external appearance as well as the function of the website. 
Moreover we want artists to reflect on the idea of the digital “squat” 
and how this can exist inside the internet.

We kindly ask you if you can spam/forward this call through your 
channels, so that we can invite as many artists as possible; and of 
course if you want to participate you are very welcome to do so.


Yann && Andrea and basel.codes team

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